CAD, Designs, Engineering Moulds and Testing, DH Tools does it all

Computer Aided Design

We, the engineers at DH Tools have had many input specifications, throughout our more than 50 years experience. Some designs have even been given to us as a quick sketch on a sheet of paper!

But all designs have several things in common, in that the design and engineering of the mould tooling has been treated with the care and expertise that is unique to DH Tools. This is why so many companies come back, time and time again, for our special attention to detail and precision in making their tooling.

What you can expect from our engineers

Company engineers have considerable experience and can:

  • Discussion and advise on specifications and feasability of the proposed design concept
  • Agree a product design
  • Draw a Computer aided design to specifications
  • Produce a tooling proto-type to original specifications
  • Subject the mould to initial testing
  • Identify areas for adjustments and refinements to the specifications and prototype
  • Subject the tool to further testing
  • Produce the final production design
  • Sign off on another precision made injection mould tool
  • Other general engineering projects have been completed by DH Tools at the request of clients on occasions

Any questions or queries will be addressed by the engineer who is actually working on the design, so there will be no waiting regarding information being gathered or having to talk to another department or the shop floor. All work is developed by the allocated engineer. Clients enjoy this one person, one task as it means they always get straight answers to any questions they may have. Isn‘t it time you took advantage of the best in the injection mould tooling industry for your projects?

Toolmaking At Its Best

When companies from the UK or Ireland, engage DH Tools to produce the injection moulds for their projects, they are taking a weight off their mind. They are assured that all work is carefully designed, prototyped, tested and ready for production, directly the work gets the DH Tools mark of approval.

Clients are always assured of the superb diligence that goes into every piece of fine engineering work that DH Tools creates.