Client Companies Supported

Precision Mould Tooling For Many UK Plastics Companies

The plastics industry is huge and many names became synonymous with plastics production. DH Tools had the honour of being able to support these big names with the finest injection mould tooling that is available in the UK today. Simple or intricate designs were produced for many industrial giants, some of which are listed below.

  • Carclo Technical Plastics - a big production company from southern England, have for many years been clients of DH Tools. Many dies were precision made for this uk plastics giant
  • Rosti UK Ltd. - another big production company, based in Scotland, also made use of the skill and expertise of DH Tools.
  • A number of electrical product companies were supplied with DH Tool moulds for their inventory of various plastic based products
  • Major automotive companies have availed themselves of the precision services of DH Tools mould making skills, for many different key engineering designs.
  • Pharmaceutical companies are also prominent in the client list of the renowned DH Tools company
  • Recent order book enties are requests mainly for moulding UK plastics companies involved with medical instrumentation.

Superb Injection Mould Tooling From The Specialists

Our tooling designs are probably responsible for many products on the UK and world markets, having supplied tooling to large international companies throughout the UK. We are happy to announce that the skill and expertise that created production moulds for the industry giants is now available to every company that seeks to produce its own brand in the world of plastics. So if your looking to get a new project off the ground which requires plastic injection moulding, then

Choose The Best, Choose DH Tools

And get precision expertly crafted tooling for your mould injection systems.

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